5 Ways to Advertise Your Band

30th August

Need to gain a reputation for your band? Below will mention a few of the methods to publicize your band through advertisements.

1. One approach on sharing your band would be to participate in charitable events. If the band could contribute in a charitable function then the your local newspaper could be contacted to present an article concerning the event. This promotional tip will helps get your band out there!

2. YouTube has seemed to work tremendously well Read the rest of this entry »

What Strings are Best for Your Electric Guitar

28th August

Choosing the best string for your electric guitar can be as simple as the type of music that you like. Depending on your of guitar, and your taste of music, choosing strings can be simple.

Strings come in all sorts of exotic packages, and variations these days. From coated strings, to names such as “Boomers’ and “select’, the choices are brood. Most electric guitars work best with nickel wound strings, and they are the most popular variety. The best thickness of strings Read the rest of this entry »

10 Tricks to Tuning Your Guitar

24th August

Tuning your guitar can be time consuming, especially if you are a new to playing music. Even if you aren’t new to the guitar, these ten tips and tricks can help make your guitar sound like its best.

1) Bend a String, Leave the Peg

If the note of the string is sharp, don’t automatically reach for the turning peg. Instead, bend the string hard. This yanks the slack out of string and causes it to be Read the rest of this entry »