10 Tricks to Tuning Your Guitar

24th August

Tuning your guitar can be time consuming, especially if you are a new to playing music. Even if you aren’t new to the guitar, these ten tips and tricks can help make your guitar sound like its best.

1) Bend a String, Leave the Peg

If the note of the string is sharp, don’t automatically reach for the turning peg. Instead, bend the string hard. This yanks the slack out of string and causes it to be truer to pitch.

2) Don’t Depend on a Tuner

When using a tuner, remember that when you hit a string, it automatically goes sharp first and then flat. When you play your guitar, you are hitting with more force than what you use when tuning and so the string will not automatically go sharp first.

3) Don’t Be Too Delicate

Don’t be afraid or too gentle while tuning, especially if you don’t play that way.

4) Check, Fix, Wait, Recheck

Tune all of the strings and then check them all again to see if they are still tuned.

5) Tune to a Chord
If a particular chord is giving you trouble, tune to that chord to compensate.

6) Don’t Lay the Blame Too Quickly

Check a suspicious string against both neighboring strings to figure out which one is actually out of tune. Sometimes it’s not the one you think.

7) Avoid Extreme Temperature Changes

Drastic temperature changes will mess up tuning.

8) Avoid Bumping, Hitting, and Dropping Your Guitar

Physical trauma will make your guitar go out of tune.

9) Always Tune!

Whenever you pick up your guitar to play, tune your guitar. Guitars can go out of tune very easily.

10) Practice Playing in Tune

This is probably the most important tip to adhere to. Train your ear to how the notes sound when in tune.

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