What Strings are Best for Your Electric Guitar

28th August

Choosing the best string for your electric guitar can be as simple as the type of music that you like. Depending on your of guitar, and your taste of music, choosing strings can be simple.

Strings come in all sorts of exotic packages, and variations these days. From coated strings, to names such as “Boomers’ and “select’, the choices are brood. Most electric guitars work best with nickel wound strings, and they are the most popular variety. The best thickness of strings is typically around .09-.10. This width is the thickness of skinniest, or bottom string. Most varieties of electric guitars work best with this string thickness, as it puts the least amount of stress on the guitar neck, and are easiest to play.

Coated strings
Coated strings such as “Elixir’ and “Alchemy Gold’ are more expensive but last longer. If you play a great deal, these strings can indeed last longer as they fight off string wear, and the erosion caused by the oils in your fingers. Uncoated strings, like a set of “Ernie Ball’ electric strings are a solid choice for beginners as well though.

Things to remember
Always clean your strings after playing with a micro-fiber cloth to keep the oils in your fingers from hurting your strings. Have your guitar “set up’ by a guitar repairperson to ensure your guitar is easy to play, and is suited to play the strings you select.

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