Utilizing Social Networking Sites to Gain Fans

2nd September

Nearly everyone has a social networking page these days. Facebook, MySpace, and others are an excellent platform for musicians and songwriters to get heard and gain fans. Here is a musicians guide to utilizing social networking sites to gain fans.

Two Pages

Have a regular page AND your band or musician/artist page. For example, you may have someone on your facebook friend list who digs the kind of music that you play. You can refer them to “like” your band or artist page

Be A Fan Yourself

In the area you play in, become a fan of the other bands and musicians who do the same type of music that you do.You can find a quick rundown here Add their fans to your fan list.

Search for Your Fans Locally

Unless you’re a nationally touring artist, you like play in a 50 to 100 mile radious from where you live. There is no sense in getting fans in places that you likely will never play like Togo, Africa.

Search The Friends of Your Fans

So husband and wife Joni and David are on your fan list. The chances are that Joni and David hang out with people who are a lot like them. Search their friends for the ones that are in the area(s) you perform and invite them to be your fan.

Social networking sites are popping up everywhere. They are an excellent and free way to get your music heard and gain fans. So get on that PC and get to work.

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