Rock Stations with Little to No Commercials

24th January

It is hard to find decent rock stations with little to no commercials, but that is because of the changing music and media markets in modern times. Music has become such a driving force and yet is still very much a slave to its corporate masters. Without the big name companies and their promotions, the radio stations would not be able to support their broadcast expenses. The advent of online music, online radio and pod casting has changed the face of the entire industry. Radio even has to compete with Satellite radio for their share of Read the rest of this entry »

Four Simple Steps to Make Your Band Famous

14th January

Music is one of the most sincere forms of self-expression there is, so it’s really no wonder there are so many bands out there. But how do you make your band stand out from the rest?

Make a Site
Design a website devoted to your band, its members and telling the world what you guys are all about. It doesn’t need to be something flashy or over-the-top, but you also don’t want it to read like a boring pamphlet. Find a unique voice and convey the information you know the fans are going to want to read.

Get online and join one of the millions of online music communities. Post some samples and let people know what you are about. Collaborate and socialize with the best each forum has to offer.

Consider purchasing ad space on high-traffic sites that offer it.

Post Samples
Post samples on your site and give the public a taste of what your group is all about. You don’t have to upload entire songs, just enough to keep the fans coming back.

And always keep track of what’s happening in your online neck of the woods. There are many different internet providers that offer on-the-go support that can be found at places like

Get active and let the world know you mean business. All of the great bands started out small before they became big. You have an advantage not even the Beatles had – the internet.

Finding the Best Radio Stations for Your Needs

12th January

There has been a wealth of information available to people since the invention of the internet as many of us know it today. Since then, people have been able to find whatever they need as quickly as they can access it through their home computers. Even radio stations are becoming easier than ever to find all over the country, thanks to the freedom of information that is now available to each one of us. It is now possible to find Read the rest of this entry »