Rock Stations with Little to No Commercials

24th January

It is hard to find decent rock stations with little to no commercials, but that is because of the changing music and media markets in modern times. Music has become such a driving force and yet is still very much a slave to its corporate masters. Without the big name companies and their promotions, the radio stations would not be able to support their broadcast expenses. The advent of online music, online radio and pod casting has changed the face of the entire industry. Radio even has to compete with Satellite radio for their share of the same market that once was controlled by radio bandwidth. This is not saying that rock stations are going away anytime soon, but they are having to make their way and compete with an eye towards the information age. Also they are having to find new ways to attract the internet era audiences, it is not just about playing albums and promoting concerts anymore. They big festivals and record labels have sponsorship. All those sponsors expect to be part of the merchandising and the on air promotional media package. The rock radio station of the past has had to quickly adapt with the times.

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