What Record Labels Do For Artists

6th February

There has been an uproar lately amongst artists and record labels for a number of reasons. Mainly, these artists are trying to figure out exactly what the labels are doing for them to help them succeed. There are always huge promises made from these companies directly to the artists. Many of them involve making lots of cash and even gifts of new homes and private jets. In reality, with the way the music business has gone, it does not seem that many of these promises are even possible anymore. If that is the truth, the question still stands. What do record labels do for artists?

In the digital age, there is not even a real need to have a record label. Any artist can upload their music online for free or for a specific price per download. The record labels only exist at this point to take money away from the musicians. It is a general rule when creating anything that money always flows to the artist. Record labels try to reverse this old adage and there is simply no reason to trust them anymore. The right artists will always be smart enough to carry on without major corporate backing.