Press Kits: What You Need to Know

Every artist dreams of having a record deal. It may sound easy, but the task is harder than you think. Having a professional press kit is the first step to success in the music industry. A press kit is a professional portfolio containing a brief bio, summary, photo, and general information of the artist. Some companies require more than press kits. Record companies like Universal Records or Jive require press kits, legal documents and a music lawyer upon presenting a demo or press kit.

Press Kit Bio
This section is the heart of any professional press kit. A bio should sum up brief information regarding yourself, life, and future music goals. In addition to this, it should exhibit any shows you’ve did in the past. If you performed more than 100 times throughout your local career, this should be notated in your bio. Record companies fall in love with experienced performers more than normal.

A press kit photo should be professional, clean, and sharp. In the recording industry, image is everything. Everyday, artist are denied recording contracts due to the lack of a professional industry-standard image. A photo can sell a million albums easily, that’s the aim any recording artist should follow. A professional shoot can cost anywhere between 100 – 500 dollars per session. To capture the record companies attention, it’s well worth every penny.

Every musician should know why they’re pursuing a career in the recording industry. You’ll be denied a recording contract if you’re clueless on your own expectations.

Sales & Highlights
If you sold a certain amount of records locally, this should be notated in your press kit. Including any local highlights should be added to the press kit in addition. The more professional your press kit looks and sounds, the more chances you have of obtaining a record deal or contract.